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Nintendo Switch patent shows off a VR-style headset – VentureBeat

Nintendo Switch patent shows off a VR-style headset
NeoGAF user Rösti (it's an online forum of some of the most passionate gamers on the Internet) posted the patent online complete with various images and descriptions that match the new device, which allows games to be played either at home on a TV or ...
Nintendo Switch Patent Made Public - It Includes VR SupportMobiPicker

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How To Deal With IP Portfolio Development

You are going to upgrade your company system soon. And this calls for IP portfolio development as you need to exploit and protect the inventions of your unit. There are several ways in which you can use developments of such. Two of which are through your own cost- from scratch to implementation, and by reaching for a firm that deals with IP portfolio development. The main advantage of doing it your own is that you will be able to maintain the confidentiality within your circle. Apart from that it will be easier for you to tap for the professionals involved when there is an arising issue. On the other hand, reaching for a firm to do the IP portfolio development could give you the same advantage only that there will be a lot of people who know the confidential details of your company’s inventions. In this context, we are going to talk about the development of IP portfolio within the company’s circle.

  • Hiring for additional professionals. Since all the process on the development will be done by in house officers, therefore you need additional geniuses to join the team. If you are dealing with software technology then engineers of such is best to hire. Lawyers who have had solid experience when it comes with handling IP portfolio are advice to be employed. These will comprise your team on the development of the company’s portfolio.
  • Going through an in-depth analysis of laws. You have to be aware about the regulations and laws governing the making of company IP when it comes with your business. This is made possible with the help of your lawyers.
  • Planning the system. Before you could come up a plan, it is always good to look back on the company’s goals, mission and vision. This will be a solid ground for the development of the new system and the establishment of the IP portfolio of the company.
  • Creating strategies. Along with the planning and development of IP portfolio is to create strategies that could best use to meet the company’s cause and goals.
  • Implementing the system. After the thorough study, planning and creating of strategies, implementation comes then to give meaning of the purpose. During this stage, it is important that the company would totally embrace the new system and that every area is aware with the new developed portfolio.
  • Checking the validity. To make sure that everything goes well, or is according to the plan, you have to test the validity of the new system. This will be a good basis that you have or have not successfully implemented your company’s goal.
  • Make corrective actions. If there would be problems on the verification or the results isn’t according to the plan, give immediate actions on it so the loopholes will be corrected.

When it comes with making your company IP portfolio, it is advice to reach for the professionals who best know the process and development. They will help you develop your system according to your goals while exploiting and protecting the company’s inventions and interests.


Apple files Touch ID fingerprint patent to catch thieves – Mashable

Apple files Touch ID fingerprint patent to catch thieves
No matter how many passwords you set, your iPhone is never totally safe. Thieves are getting craftier and hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated. But a new patent might help catch iPhone stealers CSI-style. Apple has just filed a patent ...
Apple Patent Reveals A Potentially Cutting Edge Feature For Future iPhonesForbes
Apple's Patent Application Collects iPhone Thieves' Fingerprints and SelfiesFortune
To catch an iPhone thief, Apple files for patent to capture a fingerprint and imageSilicon Valley Business Journal
Hot Hardware -SlashGear -The Independent -AppFT - United States Patent and Trademark Office
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BlackBerry Files Two Patent Lawsuits Against Blu | Digital Trends – Digital Trends

Digital Trends
BlackBerry Files Two Patent Lawsuits Against Blu | Digital Trends
Digital Trends
After filing a complaint against Avaya, BlackBerry shifts its focus to Blu as the former filed two patent infringement lawsuits against the latter.
BlackBerry Targets BLU in New Patent Infringement Lawsuits ...Android Headlines
BlackBerry files patent infringement suit against smartphone maker
BlackBerry files dual lawsuits in Florida against BLU productsAndroid Authority (blog)

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AbbVie Files Patent Suit Over Amgen’s Copy of Humira – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
AbbVie Files Patent Suit Over Amgen's Copy of Humira
Wall Street Journal
The lawsuit, filed late Thursday in federal court in Delaware, alleges Amgen's copy of the biotech drug Humira violates many of AbbVie's patents on the anti-inflammatory treatment. The suit asks the court to keep the copy off the market if it gains ...
AbbVie files patent lawsuit seeking to stop Amgen's copy of HumiraSeeking Alpha
AbbVie Sues Amgen to Fend Off Copy of Blockbuster HumiraBloomberg

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Disney Gets Patent to Take Pictures of People’s Feet – Newser

Disney Gets Patent to Take Pictures of People's Feet
Specifically, the patent titled System and method using foot recognition to create a customized guest experience would scan guests shoes when they enter the park then track them as the move about. According to the Orlando Business Journal, this would ...
Disney patent wants to stealthily track park visitors by their shoesThe Next Web
Disney awarded patent to track park guests by their footwearInside the Magic
Disney patent would track park goers by their shoesSiliconANGLE (blog)
Los Angeles Times -OCRegister -International Business Times UK -Uspto - United States Patent and Trademark Office
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Dissecting The Patent Gap – Fast Company

Fast Company
Dissecting The Patent Gap
Fast Company
Although women have more than quintupled their representation among patent holders since 1977, only 7.7% of more than 520,000 patents were applied for by a female inventor in 2010 (the most recent year gender was tracked by the United States Patent ...
The US Patent and Trademark Office is committed to improving qualityWashington Post
Stronger Chinese Patent Laws Also Help US CompaniesWall Street Journal
Message from the USPTO: It's Patent Prosecution, not
World Intellectual Property Review (subscription) -Patently-O
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Supreme Court Makes It Easier for Patent Holders to Win More in Damages – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
Supreme Court Makes It Easier for Patent Holders to Win More in Damages
Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court on Monday made it easier for patent holders to win larger financial damages in court from copycats who use their inventions without permission. The high court, in a unanimous opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts, ...
Stryker, Halo to get second chance at enhanced patent damagesReuters
Supreme Court says win for patent holders won't embolden patent trollsArs Technica
U.S. Supreme Court Eases Way for Larger Patent Damage AwardsBloomberg
The Hill -ABC News
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